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Into The Rift is a tabletop game project in the works for about 2 years.  After months of planning,  playtesting, and more playtesting, I've gotten to the point that I can solidify game mechanics and build on a strong foundation!  Its currently Free to play on Tabletop Simulator!

Project: Into The Rift

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Early Days

Lots of Spreadsheets

No project ever got off the ground without lots of planning.  In total, there are 5 spreadsheets, 2 multi-page word documents, all going over each card that would later be tweaked and reworked into a functioning game.  Over time, we began logging notes about common issues and worked to balance everything.

Its still being used today to make adjustments!  

Early days - 2

Poor Handwriting and Cards

Probably the most mind-numbing part of the process:  Writing each and every card into index cards.  While it did make the game playable, and help us reach all new heights with what works and what doesn't work, my hands are still sore to this day.  Next time I wont use pens.

The note cards are still with me, to never forget where I started.


Alpha testing

In a spectacular turn of events, I was hired to work at a book printing facility in NJ.  This meant I had access to printing higher quality cards and cut them using "precise" tools.  Precise meaning I eyeballed it, but it still works.

Current Gamestate

Lets meet people!

After a few more adjustments, tweaks, screws, and sleepless nights, I finally have a finished enough version of the game that I am able to share Via Tabletop Simulator, as well as real people!  I'm super thankful to have the people in my life that support my goal and celebrate my accomplishments.  I hope there will be more to come :)

Available on Tabletop Simulator!

I highly encourage getting a few friends together for this game, have a few drinks, and tell me your thoughts!  I've also linked a google form so you can give suggestions, and any feedback is appreciated.  Hope to see you in the Rift!

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